Anti-Poaching Movement for Saving Rhinos

sumatran-rhino-eoy-newsletterBlack rhinos are highly in danger. It is said there are only five thousand rhinos in the world. It has drastically reduced due to poaching activity. In the year 1970, there were about sixty five thousand rhinos. The black rhinos remain small in size. When compared with white rhinos, the black rhinos are small. It varies between 1750 and 3000 pounds.

Though it is small in size, the black rhinos can run about 35 mph. It has the talent to change the direction quickly while running. The life of black rhinos is approximately forty five years. It can even live for more years than mentioned here in the captivity. When it stays in the wild, it can live around thirty to thirty five years.

The rhino poaching is increased since 2007. The private and government organizations have taken several steps to safeguard the black and white rhinos. The private game reserves and national parks are targeted in the rhino war. The poaching activity is controlled with the help of anti-poaching patrol squads. It will be taught to people who are enrolling in the program. They will be taught how to monitor and safeguard the animal when it is in danger.

The anti-poaching program is conducted in groups by a private organization. It is difficult to directly enrol and take part in the program since they have several terms and conditions. Apart from this, you will get chances to learn the anti-poaching techniques, method and more during the program.

To safeguard the rhino and deter poaching, the rhinos under the campaign will be dehorned. The campaign members will stay with the staff and spend an entire day in the outdoors. They can learn about locating, logging, gathering and tracking information about the black rhinos. It includes obtaining data about the rhino’s overall health and body condition.

You have to know that it is difficult to spot rhinos as it is highly secretive. It means you have to look for its safety rather than disturb the animal. When you keep watching the rhinos, you will get to know a lot of information about its health and behaviour. You can start thinking about advanced protection and conservation methods that are not implemented or discovered still.

The trading activities of rhino products and rhino horn are banned since 1977. The horns of the rhino do not contain any medicinal value. It is tested and proved scientifically. But still some poachers hunt the animal for the horn.