Could Electric Scooters be Used to Explore Wildlife Parks?

Could Electric Scooters be Used to Explore Wildlife Parks?Yes, electric scooters may be used in order to explore wildlife parks, as long as there are paved pathways amidst the greenery. Electric scooters aren’t designed for off-road usage, so they shouldn’t be taken on hiking trails. However, a lot of wildlife parks do have paved pathways.

Before you ride your scooter, look up a preferred wildlife park online. With any luck, you’ll be able to see photo galleries which show paved pathways. As well, while you’re at the wildlife park website, you may want to check rules in order to see whether or not electric scooters are permitted or prohibited.

If electric scooters are permitted, you’ll probably have great fun riding yours at wildlife parks. You may walk sometimes and roll your scooter along or ride it all of the time in order to access more speed and save energy.

In general, scooters are awesome. But electric scooters offer the most practical benefits, as they don’t require physical exertion.

Which Style of Scooter is Best?

In terms of scooters for exploring wildlife parks, the kind that you step on and ride are probably the best. They offer users more flexibility than ride-on scooters, which are a lot like small motorbikes. With a ride-on style, you’ll need to park it if you want to go off-road and rules may prohibit you from parking on paved pathways. A step-on style may be carried easily when you’re off-road, so you won’t need to leave it behind.

There are lots of options in terms of what to buy, so it’s really a personal choice. However, you should be aware that some wildlife parks may not allow the use of electric scooters on public pathways. It’s pretty easy to check rules and there should definitely be wildlife parks which do allow usage of these types of scooters.

Now that you know the basics, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not to take your electric scooter out for a spin at a wildlife park. If you do, wear a helmet and also consider wearing knee and elbow pads. While electric scooters are pretty simple to operate, it is possible to fall and get hurt.

As long as you wear the proper gear and operate your electric scooter properly, you should have no problems enjoying it while checking out a wildlife park. So, why not plan a scooter trip through a local wildlife park in the future?

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How Quadcopters Can Help with Animal Conservation Projects

How Quadcopters Can Help with Animal Conservation Projects

Conservation projects are becoming more and more important these days, as we begin to fully realize the negative impact that we had on our natural world.

For decades now, conservationists have been screaming from the top of their lungs to try and wake us all up about the damage that we humans are doing to our natural world, but we’ve been ignoring them because the evidence – the destruction – wasn’t thrown directly in our face and we never really had to confront it head on.

Today, thanks in large part to the power of quadcopters and the amazing utility they offer conservation projects, nothing could be further from the truth.

How Quadcopters Are Helping Animal Conservation Projects A Wake-Up The Public

If you have had the opportunity to watch the visually stunning and factually detailed documentary Planet Earth you had the opportunity to see firsthand just how quadcopters (sometimes referred to as drones) are impacting animal conservation projects around the world.

These amazing pieces of technology give animal conservation projects the opportunity to fly high definition video cameras into areas that they never would have been able to previously, all while allowing these individuals and these groups to videotape animals in their natural habitat without them becoming aware of the film crew in the first place.

These shots, these amazing aerial shots, allow documentary filmmakers and conservation project leaders to capture some of the world’s rarest animals – the ones in need of our help – as they struggle on a day to day basis, opening up all of our eyes to just how troublesome in their condition is.

When set to a dramatic score and dovetailed nicely with the cold hard facts that we cannot refute, these videos – whether they are just a moment or two long or multi-hour-long documentaries like Planet Earth – can do nothing but force us, no, compel us, to support these conservation causes.

Quadcopters Also Help Conservationists Track and Research Endangered Species

While the press coverage that drone footage commands is absolutely critical as far as the awareness and financing of animal conservation projects are concerned, these amazing technological breakthroughs also provide a functional use that conservation teams have been able to take advantage of.

Again, thanks to their flight capabilities (and their ability to fly reliably in almost any weather conditions imaginable), these aerial video camera solutions allow conservationists to track and research species (especially endangered species) that they would have had an almost impossible time focusing on previously.

Whenever you’re able to eliminate the human element, especially when you’re talking about a species of animal that is naturally reclusive, wary of human contact, or difficult to track via traditional means, you’re going to be able to streamline the process significantly. These quadcopter machines have opened up a whole new world of videographer research, and allow all conservation teams the chance to take flight and record these animals without having to blow up their conservation project budget along the way.

Sure, some have at least a little bit of reticence regarding whether or not we should be using drones or quadcopters to track these animals from above – but the overwhelming majority of professionals knee-deep in the world of animal conservation agree that these tools (when used appropriately) are powerful allies in realizing all of our conservation needs and goals.

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Best Fundraisers for Animal Conservation in 2015

Best Fundraisers for Animal Conservation in 2015

Our habits and practices have led us towards great achievements and advancements in numerous industries. From business and finance, to medicine and engineering, we’ve managed to create great conveniences for our race in just a short amount of time. While we’re constantly growing, changing, and adapting however, the world around us seems to be lagging behind. Animals and natural resources are rapidly decreasing and are taking the brunt brought on by the by-products of our achievements.

Numerous organizations and individuals have taken a stand against big corporations, businesses, and brands that fail to adapt an environmentally conscious way of operation. Countless fundraisers and events have been put into action to help come up with the finances to sustain and support environmental and animal conservation causes. In 2015, we were able to take part in a multitude of different animal conservation fundraisers that didn’t only offer an impressive roster of fun activities, but a practical way of helping animal species in need.

Run for the Wild

Run for the Wild is an annual fundraiser that offers a great deal of fun events and activities for the whole family. This yearly event is spearheaded by the Wildlife Conservation Society and is held in New York City. The main event consists of fun runs with different distances, each with its own designated prize. Other activities include fun games and prizes fit for any member of the family.

Earth in Concert

This animal conservation fundraiser put together the talents of numerous Grammy award winning talents to come up with finances to benefit the Global Wildlife Conservation organization. The event was held in LA last November 11, 2015 and was sponsored by numerous big names in the business industry. The goal was to raise awareness on the current situation of global wildlife and to encourage people to protect the planet in order to sustain animals all over the world.

Wild at Heart

At the Chattanooga Zoo last February 12, 2015, guests were invited to take part of Wild at Heart, a unique Valentine’s celebration with the goal of raising funds and awareness for animal conservation causes. This was a cocktail event that invited lovers and couples to enjoy stunning sights, music created by popular DJs with their mixers, and activities at the zoo such as full access to an open bar, specialty hors d’oevures, guided tours in the specially designed Love Shack, and a close look at the mating habits of the animals at the Chattanooga Zoo.

WildAid Gala

This event was hosted by Montage Beverly Hills and managed to raise $2.5 million USD for WildAid’s programs for the coming year. The gala was attended by high-profile celebrities, personalities, public figures, and politicians. The night provided live entertainment, delicious dishes, drinks, and hearty conversation all around. Authorities in the world of animal conservation were invited to speak as guests at the event and help spread awareness and encourage support for many struggling species throughout the world. This was one of the many successful animal conservation fundraisers in 2015.

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