Different Species Of Rhino

chitwan_rhino-600x300Wildlife is amazing to look at. There are many beautiful animals and birds all over our planet. One such amazing species is the Rhino. There are various types of rhinos such as black, white, Javan, Sumatran and greater one horned rhinos. Millions of years ago there were many more species of rhinos, but they are extinct now. You can easily find rhinos in zoos and national parks. White rhinos were about to become extinct, but thanks to those huge conservation efforts that saved them. They were quite near to extinction, but at present there are more than 20,000 rhinos available.

The vast majority of this population lives in South Africa.
They are experiencing poaching issues. The wildlife conservation centres are in continuous efforts to save them. Black rhinos are smaller to the other African species of Rhino. They are now critically endangered with a limited number of 5,055 only. They eat bushes, trees and shrubs. They are called as browsers.

5rhinosThey have a specially designed upper lip which helps them in doing so. The greater one horned rhino are adapted to living quite close to water bodies. They can be found in the floodplains of Nepal and India. They have folds of skin over their entire body. There is nothing to be scared by it as that is their structure.
Sumatran rhino is the closest relative of the woolly rhino. These extinct rhinoceros species lived in the ice age. They have got a hairy skin with many other ancient characteristics. They spend their day time sitting in a pond or mud. They do so to keep their body cool. Javan rhino is the rarest found species of rhinoceros. It is very large in size and is only found in the Ujung Kulon National Park now. It has become extremely vulnerable now due to which its population is now limited to a single place.

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