Popular Rhino Conservation Activity: Monitoring the Rhinos

lrt-immobilization-zimbabwe-2012-3268_4185-low-res-thin-irf-blogThe rhino monitoring is important for tracking the activities of each animal. It helps to get information about the rhino’s population demographics, habitat utilization and movement patterns. It is the best to find out when the rhinos are poached. The collected information is helpful for the managers and they can provide introductions and translocations accordingly.

The main reason for monitoring the rhino is to check its population and see whether its members are not missing. It is a valuable biological asset. Certain demographic impacts and illegal offtakes can result in missing of rhinos. The monitoring activity helps to control these practices in a great way. The rhino population will be kept in the close demographic investigation to detect the poaching. If the poachers use corrupt elements under the management or protection force, it would be clearly detected while monitoring.

2001-Rhinos-handler-at-the-weighing-machine-300x274If you are planning to enrol in the rhino monitoring, you have to follow certain rules. The person monitoring should not make too much of noise. They have to work in a quite manner. It is important to show attention to the signs of rhino and the surroundings. You have to keep looking whether there are other animals. When you are finding signs of rhin0, spread out your group.

Search for rhino from the high points. Ensure to walk in upwind or into the wind to monitor rhinos. It is best to search for rhinos during the early morning and evening hours of the day. It is the right time where you can monitor accurately. Look for signs or places of rhino to easily find them. Practice tracking rhino and follow rhino signs by their spoor. You have to know the age by rhino signs.

Observing and approaching rhino

You have to know the wind direction when you are observing rhinos. It is best to use ash bag to find out the direction of the wind. Make a note if there are birds or other animals in the same area. Note how these animals and birds alerts the rhino. You have to be careful about your safety.

Ensure to fix locations where you can climb vegetation or trees so that you can hide away from the animal. When you are approaching a rhino, ensure to monitor in hiding status. It is recommended to climb high on the tree or seat behind a tree for better monitoring. Ensure to avoid noise while monitoring. It has chances to get distracted easily. Make the necessary records and observations quietly and in a fast manner. You should not compromise the quality of recording and observation at the same time.

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