Rhinoceros Population Across The World

buschgardens-pregrhinoAt the beginning of 20th century, there were around 5,00,00 rhinos across Asia and Africa. By 1970, this population fell to a count of 70,000. Today, this count has reduced to mere 29,000 in the wild. During the onset of the last decade, their population started to decrease significantly. With regular efforts, their population has started to increase in the past few years. Many conservation experts have come up actively to help grow their population. Poaching has also become regulated now. With strict action, poachers have been sent behind the bars. Uncontrolled poaching in the 1970s led to a dramatic decrease in the rhino population.
A statistics released in 1993 showed that there are only 2300 left in the wild. In the early 1970s, there were 65,000 of them. Across Africa, many active programmes were run to save black rhinos. This led to an increase in their population by early 2000s. The success stories of rhino conservation programmes are widely known and discussed. The most overwhelming story is of the southern white rhino. There were only 20 of them left in the early 1900s. Today, there are more than 20,000 of them. Thanks to the conservation department that made their consistent efforts to save them. It was largely needed to save them. The population is increasing every year now, so threats have reduced to a great extent now.
However, poaching is still not much under control. If it continues at the same rate, the chances are there they will again reduce to an extinction level. Strict laws are made still poachers somehow escape from the eyes of the officials. Maximum attention is now needed on the Javan rhinos. There are only 40 to 45 of them now that too in a single national park. Let’s see how far their population is saved from extinction in the near future.

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